Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show this extra special person how much you appreciate all the effort, love and encouragement she has lavished upon you from the moment you were born.  You obviously want to give her a gift that expresses your heartfelt gratitude – and make her feel wonderful.  With this in mind we can confidently say that Prismologie makes the perfect present.

Bliss for body and soul

Primsmologie products will hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate her skin.  But the benefits, though eminently practical and indulgently pleasurable, don’t end here.  By harnessing the power of colour therapy and precious gemstones they also have natural mood-enhancing effects.  You’ll not only be giving your mother the gift of more supple, healthy and radiant skin but also lifting her spirits from within.

What feelings do you want to share with your mother and how best can you do this with Prismologie?   In this post we’ve hand-picked five moods you can create, then twinned them with a gift idea from our range – it couldn’t be easier!

Give her Pink – Cherish her

Our Rose Quartz & Rose Hand & Cuticle Cream soothes and comforts dry, stressed hands while the uplifting fragrance, sensual texture and hand massage ritual will help your mum experience feelings of pleasurable relaxation and sensual re-balancing.

Our Rose Quartz & Rose Body Balm is a creamy powder and feather-light moisturiser that’s perfect for an evening out or special occasion.  Your mum can smooth balm onto her arms, legs and décolleté for a comforting pampered feeling. Her skin will be velvety to the touch, with a soft golden glow, while the elegant scent of rose and honey will surround her with tenderness and love.

Give her Yellow – be her sunshine 

Our Citrine & Bergamot Energising Shower Gel not only cleanses with plant derived active ingredients and botanical extracts – the fresh scent of natural Bergamot and the energising sparkle of Citrine also reawakens the senses.  Chinese Soapberry adds to the energising effect while Nile Lily keeps skin firm and flexible. Moisturising Cactus Extract refreshes while Plankton extract rejuvenates.  The skin radiates health, radiance and confidence.

Our Citrine & Bergamot Energising Body Lotion is a lightweight energising lotion that absorb in an instant and leaves the skin delightfully hydrated and refreshed.  Your mum can take the sunshine with her in a tube and use it whenever her thirsty skin needs a refreshing drink of Citrine-sparkling hydration that energises and awakens.

Give her Indigo – let her relax

Our Oud Massage Candle releases a wonderfully relaxing and calming aroma that quiets the mind and transports it to a place of restful serenity.  As the candle melts it also provides a richly indulgent warm body oil.  Once the flame is extinguished the warm liquid can be poured into a hand and massaged into the skin.  Whether someone gives her a full body massage, or she just rubs it into her arms and calves, it transforms dry, parched skin, leaving it moisturised, conditioned and butter soft.

Our Sapphire & Oud Relaxing Foot Cream is a heavenly-scented and deeply nourishing formulation.  Plant oils and butters transform dry, parched skin and bring instant relaxing relief to ankles, heels and toes while the aroma of Oud induces feelings of calm and tranquillity.  A lovely way for her to end her day.

Give her Green – Give her balance

Our Jade & Vetiver Restorative Hand Exfoliant, harnessing the natural power of plant extracts, polishes away hard, dry skin on cuticles, palms and backs of hands then rinses away clean.  Your mum will love the way it regenerates the appearance of skin, evening the tone and texture, as well as offering protection from environmental damage.  She can use it daily or whenever she feels the need to renew the moisture and softness to hard-working hands.

At the end of a long hard day your mum can re-balance her mood and melt away any tension by sinking into a warm bath enriched with our Jade and Vetiver Restorative Bath Oil.  The rejuvenating blend of plants and minerals will revive her spirits, nourishing seed oils will replenishe her skin while Jade micro-crystals work their magic to buff and polish to perfection.

Give her Red – Show her Love

Our Ruby & Cedarwood Foaming Body Scrub will transform your mum’s shower experience.  The powerful energy of red will stimulate her skin and enliven her senses while revitalising botanical extracts, enzymes and cherry grains cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and rejuvenate her skin’s appearance.  With energy levels replenished she’ll be ready to embrace all that the day has to offer.

When your mum needs an instant shot of energy to enliven her senses, and her skin is crying out for swift hydration, our Ruby & Cedarwood Dry Body Oil will rapidly come to the rescue.   The unique formula will invigorate, moisturise, lift and firm with Marine Extract, Antioxidants, Ruby micro-crystals and the warming fragrance of Cedarwood.

Make every day a Prismologie day!

Prismologie makes the perfect present for Mother’s Day – and beyond.  The unique combination of benefits for both body and soul, enhancing your skin while lifting your spirits, means you’ll want to make the brand part of your daily beauty and wellness rituals.  To get the latest updates on new products, offers and competitions link to us on social media – we’d hate you to miss out!