Blessed is the only word that describes my relationship with my fantastic mother! Not only is she a magnificent human being, caring, gentle, philanthropic, passionate, always smiling and making everyone around her smile and see the sunny side of life,co-founders of prismologie brand.

She is also a wonderful mother to four of us, who has raised us to be valiant and strong independent women, Most people on this earth have a mother who they love no matter what but I am blessed to have a mother who I truly love, respect, and admire more and more every day.

She is an inspiration to not only her daughters but to everyone who meets her, Her smile is contagious and her passion is infectious, Very few people can work with their family let alone be equal business partners with their mothers but I am blessed to have this magical synergy with my mother, even when we are not in the same room and are asked the same question about a product or anything we both choose the exact same option,co-founders of prismologie brand.

We don’t always agree on everything, I will not paint an impossible picture, but we do not fight, we discuss and agree, She has never pulled the “I am your mother and you will obey me” card ever, she respects this partnership as much if not more than I do, and continues to push us to greatness with her excitement and AMAZING ideas!


(Photo credit: Al Ostoura Magazine-Kuwait)


Co-founders of Prismologie Brand


My mother never sees limits, only the possible, this makes it difficult sometimes because I manage the day to day business part of the company but it also pushes me to make the dream happen and it always does happen! Prismologie is a magnificent example of both of our perseverance and striving for the best we can achieve and we have achieved it, but this is just the beginning of the amazing ideas and concepts we have in store.

I love her with all my heart, being and soul and I count my blessings every day, the biggest one of all is having her as a mother.