Who knew one of 2016’s Pantone colours of the year would have such a profound effect on our collective psyche? But the focus on rose quartz in 2016 has paved the way for a heightened interest in crystals, that’s set only to increase for 2017.

Crystals, in all their incarnations, are having a moment as we look for ways to balance our hectic lifestyles or for a temporary escape from our “always on” digital existence.

“I think people are looking for some element of spirituality in their lives and crystals are one aspect of this,” says Anna-Marie Soweji, co-founder of Beauty Mart, And it seems quite prophetic really that Pantone should select Rose Quartz as a focus for 2016, the crystal is thought to cancel out negative energy, plenty of which was thrown at us from all directions last year, But can a piece of rock really help boost our energy levels and brighten our mood? And how on earth do you even use a crystal in your everyday life?

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