Why the crystal craze has got me hooked – again

By Anna-Marie Solowij


Why the crystal craze has got me hooked – again.

It’s second time around for me and crystals, I was a fan back in 1990 when the last ‘new age’ trend wafted in with a fashion show by Rifat Ozbek featuring all white clothing, spiritual slogan tees and crystal jewellery, We were all feeling a bit rinsed by 80s excess, it was the start of a global recession and I guess – like now – we were seeking some deeper meaning, so the show was the ultimate tabula rasa for our disaffected generation already tuned to an indie spirit via the birth of grunge.

I spent the early part of the decade making and wearing crystal jewellery and keeping chunks of rose quartz on my desk to block negative energy with tourmaline in my pockets to inspire creativity, At the same time, the vibrational energy of silicon crystals was the elemental force in the computer microchips that were starting to change our world forever (imagine, if you can, a time before mobile phones, laptops and social media – all fundamentally powered by crystals in computer chips).

More than 20 years on, gem stone crystals have found a natural partner in beauty and a further purpose beyond decoration, talisman or technology, We’re drinking ‘high-vibration water’, quartz crystal-infused H2O which is believed to be better at hydrating and detoxifying while crystals and their individual properties are powerful elements in beauty brands, Sjal harnesses the positivity of amethyst; Sisely uses cleansing malachite in its Eye Contour Mask; Elemis has energising quartz in its Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Serum, However, Prismologie has taken the power of crystals to an entire new level with a range of bath and body care products featuring specific gemstones that relate to energy needs at different times of the day.

Uplifting Citrine and Bergamot Shower Gel is for morning or if you want a burst of energy before a night out; balancing Jade and Vetiver Bath Oil induces calm; Diamond and Neroli Body Cream enhances clarity and purity; Rose Quartz and Rose Body Balm offers protection; Ruby and Cedarwood Dry Body Oil is for vigour and passion; Sapphire and Oud Massage candle inspires stillness.

It’s not just the intangible aspect of crystals, but their physical properties too, such as exfoliating and light-reflecting that makes these elemental ingredients truly enlightening, As we continue to look for deeper spiritual experiences we can expect to turn ever more to crystals and their potent allure.

Anna-Marie Solowij is an award-winning beauty journalist with more than 25 years experience, She has written for the majority of magazines and newspapers over the years but began her career in journalism at Marie Claire in 1988 following a seven years as a fraud officer in the civil service for the former Department of Health and Social Security.