Beauty Tea Collection

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Six Beauty Teas to lift your spirits, calm you senses and help you unwind, no matter what time of the day.



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Collection includes:

Ingredients: White Tea Pai Mu Tan, China Jasmin Silverneedle, moringa leaves, bamboo leaves, orange blossoms, coconut, flavour.

Energising Beauty Tea 12g 0.42 oz 

Ingredients: Yerba mate, green tea China Lung Ching, lemongrass, lemon peels, carrot, turmeric, bourbon vanilla, flavour.
Ingredients: White Tea Pai Mu Tan, rose hip, rose petals, licorice root, juniper berry, lady’s mantle herb, flavour.
Ingredients: Yerba mate, Japan Kukicha Kaede, olive leaves, lemon myrtle, nettle, rosemary, thyme, basil, licorice root, spearmint, moringa leaves, guarana, spirulina, natural flavouring.
Ingredients: Apple, beetroot, nettle, goji berry, aronia berries, pink pepper, rose petals, raspberry, cranberry, chilli powdered, flavour.
Ingredients: Tulsi, date (date, rice flour), cocoa, passionflower herb, dandelion, birch leaves, blueberry, mallow, blue cornflower, blackcurrant, violet,flavour.
This tea contains caffeine.  Store in cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

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Weight 0.066 kg
Dimensions 155 x 93 x 67 cm

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