Strength & Balance Balm Duo

Strength & Balance Balm Duo

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A Meridian Balm duo set to incorporate in your morning and evening self-care routine. Start your day with the Ruby & Copper Meridian Balm for Strength and end it with the Jade & Zinc Meridian Balm for Balance.


1 Ruby & Copper Meridian Balm 75ML

1. INVIGORATES the mind and body with the thrilling scent of Cedarwood, the sparkle of Rubies and the healing power of acupressure.

3. TREATS tight muscles and inflammation with collagen and elastin boosting Copper; speeds up the healing process with Arnica Flower Extract to combat bruises and aches.

3. WARMS the skin gently and relaxes the body with Vanillyl and Wintergreen extracts; reduces skin sensitivity, inflammation and tissue damage from mosquito bites with Balloon Vine Extract and Blackcurrant Seed Oil.

1 Jade & Zinc Meridian Balm 75ML

1. HARMONISES and composes he spirit with the serene scent of Vetiver, the sparkle of Jade and the healing power of acupressure.

2.  REGENERATES new skin cells and fights free radicals with antioxidant Zinc; relieves aches and pains and strengthens veins and capillaries to help varicose veins with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial Tamanu Oil; increases collagen synthesis, prevents inflammation and UV damage with Tiger Grass.

3. REBALANCES and moisturises with the cell regenerative properties of antioxidant Inca Inchi Oil; stabilises skin’s moisture levels with Avocado Oil and Alpine Apple Seed Oil.


Glide over or tap onto the body following your preferred ritual to enjoy a feeling of confidence.  Rich in invigorating and warming ingredients, this balm helps soothe tense muscles. Apply to large muscles, especially hamstring, quads and biceps to release tension. Try our five-minute anchoring ritual to feel strong and powerful and improve your overall wellbeing.


Glide over or tap onto the body following your preferred ritual to enjoy a feeling of harmony and balance. This balm is rich in restorative and anti-UV actives, which can help soothe sunburned skin. Try our five-minute anchoring ritual to feel balanced and grounded and improve your overall wellbeing. 

Cruelty, Paraben, GM, SLES and Petrolatum Free. No Plastic Microbeads. Vegan. 

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