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Rose Quartz & Rose Hand Cream Mini Sample

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Why it works

Arctic Rose

Helps to increase endorphin levels and stimulate the skin’s wellness and relaxation.

Marshmallow Extract

Softens and protects

Baobab Oil

Rich in omega 3, 6 & 9 and Vitamin A & E. Aids cell recovery and intensely moisturises.

Shea Butter

Protects, softens and moisturises.

Lifestyle Tip

Cup your hands over your nose, take a long deep breath and let the calming effects of Rose fragrance take over your whole body.


"Slather on some time out, the calming and rejuvenating Rose Quartz and Rose hand cream at 3 pm will help you through the inevitable afternoon slump."

"My favourite products from the range are the Diamond and Neroli rich body cream as it's such a luxurious feeling cream and the Rose Quartz and Rose hand cream as I adore the rose and honey scent."