Clarity & Comfort Balm Duo

Clarity & Comfort Balm Duo

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A Meridian Balm duo set to incorporate in your morning and evening self-care routine. Start your day with the Diamond & Platinum Meridian Balm for Clarity and end it with the Rose Quartz & Manganese Meridian Balm for Comfort.


1 Diamond & Platinum Meridian Balm 75ML

1. CLARIFIES the mind and body with the fresh scent of Neroli, the sparkle of Diamonds and the healing power of acupressure.

2.  BOOSTS collagen with Platinum; brightens with Madonna Lily; purifies with Porcelain Flower; firms skin with collagen-boosting White Lupin Seed Extract.

3. DETOXIFIES with anti-fatigue, anti-inflammatory Snow Lotus; softens and hydrates with vitamin E and oleic acid rich Camellia Seed Oil, and Bio-fermented Bamboo; protects with Cotton Seed Extract.

1 Rose Quartz & Manganese Meridian Balm 75ML

1. COMFORTS the spirit with the tender scent of Rose, the sparkle of Rose Quartz and the healing power of acupressure.

2. PROTECTS with antioxidant Manganese; reduce age spots and prevent skin redness with Peony Root; promote wound healing with Four O'Clock Flower.

3. DE-STRESSES by increasing endorphin levels to stimulate wellness and relaxation with Arctic Rose; relaxes skin with Passion Flower Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil.


Glide over or tap onto the body following your preferred ritual to enjoy a feeling of clarity.  Use to soothe sensitive skin after shaving or sun exposure. Try our five-minute anchoring ritual  to clarify your mind and improve your overall wellbeing.


Glide over or tap onto the body following your prescribed ritual to enjoy a feeling of protection and comfort.  Rich in comforting actives, helps to lift your spirits during that midday slump.Try our five-minute anchoring ritual to feel loved and nurtured and improve your overall wellbeing.

Cruelty, Paraben, GM, SLES and Petrolatum Free. No Plastic Microbeads. Vegan.