Celebrating Earth Day, every day.

Prismologie is passionate about nourishing the body and soul to enhance our physical and emotional well being. The brand is equally committed to promoting the wellness of our environment. We take the holistic view that caring for customers and caring for the planet are one and the same thing – you can’t do the one without doing the other!

Free to you

We’re therefore enthusiastic supporters of International Mother Earth Day and all that it stands for. We’re right behind all of its principles, campaigns, and initiatives. As a gesture of support we’d like to extend a very special offer to you: buy our Green Epoch Bath Oil and we’ll give you a free Hand Exfoliant that polishes away hard, dry skin on cuticles, palms and backs of hands. It also regenerates the appearance of skin, evening the tone and texture while protecting the skin from environmental damage. You can use it every day or whenever you need to give some TLC to dry, hard-working hands. To claim your free Hand Exfoliant simply follow the link below the image.

Free from

While International Mother Earth Day is a hugely important event we make strenuous efforts to protect the environment and follow sustainable practices 365 days a year. As well as offering a few Hand Exfoliant were proud to declare that all of our products are free from chemical nasties such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, nano particles, silicon, synthetic perfumes and dyes, petrolatum, sulfates and genetically modified ingredients.

Most of our products are vegan friendly and gluten free. Every single element of the packaging is recyclable and only FSC cardboard and reusable glass is used. All of the products are also proudly made in the UK because it has such stringent laws and high standards relating to natural products. Finally, we never test on animals. You will find, however, that our products are overflowing with the power of colour and gemstone therapy, as well as being packed with plant actives.

So, for your wellness and the planet’s, for Earth Day and everyday, make Prismologie part of your regular routine!