Our beauty teas provide a host of benefits for mind and body and for a limited time only they come with the additional bonus of a 40% discount and a free 40ml gift pack.

Originating in Southwest China during the 3rd century AD tea was originally prized for its medicinal qualities but gradually became the world’s most popular recreational drink.  It now forms part of the daily routine for countless millions of people across many different cultures from east to west.  It takes many forms, with a multitude of blends that are cherished for their different effects – from calming to invigorating, restoring to cleansing, awakening and balancing.

Tea therefore fits perfectly in Prismologie’s collection of products that harness the transformative power of colour, scent and active natural ingredients to fine-tune your emotional energy levels and wellbeing.  What’s more, because drinking tea is already part of your daily life it’s easy to incorporate into your hectic schedule – unlike yoga, mindfulness, going to the gym or following a particular diet it takes no time and effort!

Every cup carefully crafted

We currently offer six different Beauty Teas, each with different colour, scent and therapeutic qualities to give your system and mood just the kind of help it needs at different times. Our founders worked closely with Italian Tea Stylist Francesca Natali to create bespoke beauty blends that combine the psychological power of colours with the physiological benefits of active ingredients to positively impact the beauty, body and mind.

Each blend contains meticulously picked exotic teas, superfoods, rare herbs, flowers and fruits. Every ingredient contributes towards nutritionally strengthening the healing power of these colour-based infusions from its appearance, texture and taste, to its fragrance and the impact it has on your body and mind. With botanicals and wildcrafted ingredients these Beauty Teas will leave you feeling healthy and beautiful.

White – purifying

With Orange Blossoms, China Jasmine Silver Needle and Moringa Leaves.  Purify your senses, cleanse your body and mind, clarify your thinking with the soft and serene effects of the colour White.

Yellow – energising

With Green China Lung Ching Tea, Yerba Mate and Lemon Grass.

Awaken your senses, energise your body, revitalise your digestive system with the radiant and uplifting effects of the colour Yellow

Pink – happiness

With White Tea Pai Mu Tan, Rose Hip and Lady’s Mantel Herb.  Comfort your senses, nourish and rehydrate your body and calm your mind with the tender and soothing effects of the colour Pink.

Indigo – relaxing

With Cocoa, Tulsi and Passion Flower.  Calm the mind and soul, relieve and maintain the health of your liver and soothe your senses with the deep and calming

effects of the colour Indigo.

Green – restorative

With Guarana, Japan Kukicha Kaede and Spirulina.  Regain your balance, restore your calcium and antioxidant levels and renew your energy with the healing and harmonising effects of the colour Green.

Red – invigorating

With Beetroot, Goji Berries and Chilli.  Invigorate your taste buds, boost your energy and activate your senses with the bold and powerful effects of the colour Red.

Start your beauty and wellness journey now

Prismologie Beauty Teas taste as good as they make you feel. Each cup opens your senses to a soothing medley of warm and fragrant flavours.  Enjoy a tea journey that starts by engaging you with its scents and tastes.   A journey that progresses gently to make your body feel energized, invigorated or relaxed depending on the colour you choose.  One which finally leaves you looking as youthful as you feel.  A delicious and healthy alternative to coffee, juice or soft drinks, these easy to understand and use tea blends make staying hydrated a multi-sensorial experience.

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