The importance of Scent

Customising self-care. Scent by Scent. Shade by Shade.

Scent is an invisible, life-altering force with power so intense it transcends and transports us to a place you could not have imagined before.

It takes passion, coupled with imagination and exceptional skill to perfect a fragrance, a fragrance with the ability to change how you feel in an instant. And it was with a passion bordering on obsession that we set out in pursuit of perfecting a collection of alluring fragrances, scents that would draw on our colour palette for inspiration and have the power to evoke particular emotions and experiences.

After what felt like an endless search, we finally found our modern-day alchemists, the talented master perfumers who would weave their magic to conjure our avant-garde scents. Theses evocative fragrances delight the senses and work in harmony with our hues, ensuring balance throughout our entire collections. Utilising their extraordinary skills, these masters of scent were able to fuse together an enticing combination of ingredients, with complex, multifaceted personalities.

Crafted with wellbeing in mind and made to delightfully linger on the skin but in no way overpower, our scents are enticingly woven and layered and each has a sublime story to tell. Beguiling notes overlap and intertwine with each fragrance’s top, middle and bottom notes, joining together in a soaring symphony to create an evocative scent message that speaks to your soul. It is quite unlike anything you will have experienced before.

How and when you choose to wear this glorious symphony of scent is entirely up to you. We want you to pair and layer them to create your very own ritual, and to break free from the confines of thinking our avant-garde scents are purely for morning or night. Whatever the occasion and however the mood takes you, be led by your own feelings and emotions and reach for them any time you wish.

'Imagine just for a moment being able to enhance or change your mood through the simple act of stimulating the senses. How incredibly powerful would that be?'