Reconnect and Refocus Ritual - 120 minutes

Reconnect with your inner strength through the prism of this multi-sensory experience. Be drawn into a world where the extraordinary power of the colour red is revealed during an intense guided meditation and delight in how the sumptuous mix of oriental musk and smoky woods helps the mind refocus. With transformative therapies that cleanse, exfoliate and reinvigorate, you’ll leave feeling empowered and confident to take on the world once more.

Includes guided colour meditation, body exfoliation, deep back massage, pressure-point face massage and scalp massage.

Rest and Reset Ritual - 60/90 minutes

Be transported to the blue stillness of the night and experience a sense of calm with this opulent and indulgent ritual. Surrender to the slow, hypnotic strokes of the deeply relaxing massage and feel the tension and stress melt away as your mind and body drift into meditative quietude. In this place of intense stillness, enveloped by the smoky nuances of incense, rich amber and oud, you’ll feel completely rested and delighted by how peacefully you sleep.  

Includes Rest and Reset breathwork, full body candle massage and scalp massage.

Calm and Reflect Ritual - 60/90 minutes

Feel your stress float away in this meditative and calming treatment for body and mind. Let the breathwork allow your mind to drift to the glistening waters of a turquoise sea and pause in mindful reflection. As the restful scent of bergamot, Sage and Cedarwood lingers in the air, muscles are gently and rhythmically stretched to ease away tension, transporting you to tranquillity.

Includes Calm and Reflect breathwork, Thai massage, facial acupressure, lymphatic drainage and signature cleanse.