Our Vision and Purpose

The influence of colour and scent on our everyday lives is inescapable. Colours and fragrances dramatically affect our moods, emotions and behaviour, and our emotions affect our decisions. Imagine just for a moment being able to enhance or change your mood through the simple act of stimulating the senses. How incredibly powerful would that be?

Our vision at Prismologie is to transform everyday moments into attainable opportunities for self-care. But, more importantly, our purpose is to be a lifestyle system of wellbeing support that makes a measurable difference to human lives.

Our Founder HRH Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah’s life has been filled with many struggles and adversities, ones she has bravely overcome. Her belief in the importance of empowering women is something we at Prismologie share. We believe we have the potential to affect real change whether that is helping our community develop self-care strategies or supporting humanitarian initiatives that enable refugees to gain new skills and cope with trauma. 

Intisar's Humanitarian work

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At the heart of this adventure is the team that drives us forward. A group of visionaries and radical thinkers who are heavily invested and believe in Prismologie. Together we are building on the legacy of the past and developing Prismologie into a phenomenal lifestyle system of wellbeing support.  

Because, at its heart, ours is a story built on compassion: compassion for our community and for our planet. And as we move forward, we follow in our founder’s­ extraordinary footsteps. Intisar set us on a path to make a measurable difference to humanity with her inspirational humanitarian work, and it’s a difference we aspire to make every day – scent by scent, shade by shade.