The world of Prismologie

Forged through compassion, wellness is at the beating heart of everything we do at Prismologie. Not only are we are intent on making a measurable difference to humanity, but our goal is to also nurture the idea that in replenishing the self, we are better placed to give care to others. It is this very philosophy on which Prismologie was founded. 

Our founder Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah explains Prismologie's raison d'être

It was whilst HRH Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah was hosting a colour therapy workshop that a lightbulb moment struck. Witnessing the extraordinary impact colour therapy had on the emotional and physical wellbeing of the participants, she soon realised that harnessing this power could be tremendously transformative. And by taking this knowledge and weaving in the evocative effects of scent, she knew instantly that she was onto a revolutionary idea that could drive meaningful change:

This discovery sowed the seed for the development of a brand of luxurious body and lifestyle products that fused the evocative power of colour and scent: Prismologie was born.  

By utilising world leading research on colour therapy and the expertise of artisan master perfumer’s, Prismologie unlocks opportunities for indulgent moments of self-care. And we do all this with the planet in mind: sustainably and with integrity. We welcome you to our colourful world.


Citrine & Bergamot

Awaken your senses

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Restore your body & mind

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Rose & Rose Quartz

Envelop yourself in comfort

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Ruby & Cedarwood

Feel bold & powerful

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