Results-driven mini treatments designed for those tight on time… because taking time out is a necessity, not a luxury.

Nurturing Hand Therapy - 20/30 minutes

Give hard-working hands the care they deserve with this nurturing therapy. Allow the warming hand soak to soothe your skin before the air fills with the earthiness of Vetiver as your hands are gently exfoliated. Then, with the comforting scent of arctic rose embracing you, relax as your hands are massaged with a sensuous cream and body balm that will leave them feeling as soft as cashmere.

Includes warming hand soak, exfoliation and hand massage.

Soothing Foot Therapy - 20/30 minutes

Plunge tired, aching feet into a restorative foot soak and sit back as your skin is exfoliated, stimulating your circulation in a haze of aromatic Cedarwood. Allow the soothing sensation to deepen as you experience the calming notes of Oud and feel the therapeutic reflexology and pressure-point massage relaxing you. Then step back into the world feeling at peace. 

Includes warming foot soak, exfoliation and foot massage.

Bespoke Back Massage - 30 minutes

Feel the tension being teased out of your tired muscles in this invigorating back and neck massage. As the strokes delivered with perfect pressure ease away any stress carried in your back, neck and shoulders, our powerful blend of actives infused with aromatic Cedarwood and a touch of spicy pepper will re-energise and revive you.

Rejuvenating Face and Scalp Massage - 30 minutes 

The power to sculpt your face and stimulate your scalp lies entirely in your therapist’s hands in this highly effective rejuvenating treatment. Feel any tension drain away as your scalp is massaged, then experience a fresh, youthful glow as your facial muscles are sculpted and lifted – all through the incredible magic of touch.