The importance of colour

Colour holds tremendous power in our daily lives, both physically and emotionally. Experiencing certain colours and fragrances can act at a physical and psychological level, raising heartbeat or slowing down breathing, offering a burst of energy or a jolt of joy. Colours relate respectively to our body, our mind, our emotions and the essential balance between these three areas.

It is in moments of wonder that we know intuitively that colour is good for us. However, when do we ever stop to consider why we experience joyful contentment as we bathe in the warming glow of a sunset? Or feel a deep sense of calm as day drifts into night? When do we ever stop to consider the extraordinary effect colour has on us?

For millennia, colour has held power and influence over our lives. Look around you now and observe just how vivid our world is. How poorer would life be in sepia tones, or worse, completely devoid of colour at all? We are surrounded by it; it is everywhere we look and is in the hidden nooks of our subconscious. Colour is how we make sense of our world.

Quite incredibly, our conscious mind is only 20% aware of the colour we see. Instead, we feel its effects deeply on a subconscious level and our experience is shaped not just by the colour itself, but the specific hues a particular colour generates.

Being surrounded by certain hues seems to draw out our deepest emotions, eliciting feelings of pure joy or newfound confidence, or indeed a mood that is altogether calmer and more serene.

If you feel as passionately as we do about the extraordinary power of colour and scent, we invite you to become part of our adventure and to join us on a journey into a fascinating world of colour, scent and discovery.