Bespoke Massage - 60/90 minutes

Make this intensive and therapeutic treatment your own and indulge in its extraordinary power. Experience your body’s energy realign as the deep-pressure massage eases away the tightest of knots in your muscles, alleviating the deep-seated stress and tension you feel. As you enjoy the captivating scent and experience gifted to you by your chosen oil, delight in a renewed sense of wellbeing.

Includes full body massage. 

Reinvigorate and Renew Scrub  - 50 minutes

Discover skin that is silky soft and beautifully radiant and let your inner confidence shine through. Taking in the scent of the Orient, allow the gentle heat of the steaming mitts to relax you as they glide over and cleanse your skin, before the reinvigorating power of the exfoliating body scrub and deeply nourishing moisturiser reveals a bolder, renewed you.

Includes full body cleanse, exfoliation and moisturise.