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In a society where we don’t wear lots of color we would love to see more women embrace it as a daily means of self-expression, This is part of the inspiration behind our innovative Prismologie Body Care Range: You can wear color without wearing color whichever product you chose, you are expressing and enhancing yourself in a way that is absolutely personal and relevant to you, That is our vision.

Prismologie founders/ Intisar and Fatima Al-Sabah

“We used to organise wellbeing and personal development workshops in Kuwait, During one of those workshops we realised that colour therapy has the most significant impact on the attendees, and it was the easiest to understand and embrace, We started developing Prismologie in 2013, because we wanted to create an easy way of infusing colour therapy into your day to help you manage our daily stresses and enhance your mood.

We chose to formulate and manufacture all of our products inside the UK and Europe because of the very high standards and stringent laws surrounding natural products”


We have instilled their personal values of sustainability in their brand, All of the Prismologie products are SLS and paraben free, Every single element of the packaging is recyclable and only FSC cardboard and reusable glass is used, No exceptions, All of the products are also proudly made in the UK and are not tested on animals.


Prismologie aims to inspire people to embrace the mood enhancing powers of colours, through six distinctive colours chosen for their unique qualities: White for Clarity, Yellow for Confidence, Pink for Comfort, Green for Serenity, Red for Vigour and Indigo for Stillness. Each product is a bespoke blend of gemstones, enriching fragrances and scientifically researched actives. Diamonds, Citrines, Rose Quartz, Jades, Rubies and Sapphires are crushed into the formulations for their wellbeing properties. Working with the UK’s top beauty scientists, they created a multi sensorial range that imbues the skin with the transformational properties of each colour through active ingredients. 

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“I am a proud stockist of Prismologie, Not only does this gorgeous brand offer a body care range which harnesses the transformative power of colours, it also contains gemstones which are known for their wellbeing properties – pure luxury!”

Amelia Nour - Owner of Amelia Nour Beauty Store


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