By Preeti C

There are numerous new brands and products launching daily in the beauty industry but only a select few manage to catch my attention, With so many to choose from, Prismologie caught my attention with high quality, revolutionary products.
Their products are meant to benefit your skin and enhance your beauty routine whilst delivering a daily dose of colour therapy, I am into my ‘well-being’ at the moment so Prismologie is right up my street!

Prismologie is a body care range that is designed to enhance daily life by inspiring your mood and stirring your senses, There are 6 colour ranges to choose from; each range is based around a colour and the effect the colour has on your mood, Each colour is complimented by a gemstone which can be found in the products combined with complimentary ingredients.

This bespoke blend will inspire your mood and have both long & short term benefits for your body, For example, the Indigo range is ‘Stillness‘which has Sapphire in it and the scent of Oud which calms and soothes, The Stillness range consists of a Foot Cream and Massage Candle, both of which are ideal for a bit of down time.

There are another 5 ranges to choose from which include: Clarity, Confidence, Comfort, Serenity and Vigour, Each range has it own complimentary colour, gemstone and consists of different products which help set the right mood.

I have been using the Indigo Interlude Foot Cream with Oud & Sapphire for a couple of months now and I love love LOVE it! The scent is to DIE for, the Oud comes through as a very subtle and elegant note without being overpowering or too masculine.

It serves a welcome break from the conventional mint scented foot products and I will never go back! Since the ingredients and idea behind the range promote stillness and calm, I tend to use it at night before I go to sleep and have to admit it has an incredibly calming effect on me, Those magic powers aside, the formula is luxuriously rich, moisturising and soothing, Can you ask for any more?!

I have sampled more of the range and have to admit each colour calls out to me for a different mood or time of day, The entire range however is of great quality, the products deliver and each range has its own uniquely gorgeous scent! Other notable products for me were the White Beginning Rich Body Cream– it has crushed diamond in it and well…do you know me?? And I was also obsessed with the Red Hour Dry Body Oil with Cedar Wood and Ruby.

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