his might surprise you but naming the brand (prismologie) was much trickier than I expected!

The difficulty is not actually the brainstorming part, it is when you come to registration and realize that so many of the names you thought you came up with have already been taken and parked by the large multinational corporations in the industry, but with all these obstacles the experience was quite exciting! We started out with a brand name inspired by the word colour with an interesting ending to make it about the energy of colour as well.

After working and branding that name, we went all the way to registration only to find out that the name was registered but never used by a large company. We then moved on to adjectives of what the brand would do and after creating the logo and branding and we successfully registered the new name, but unfortunately, when we got to trademarking, we were told we cannot trademark proper words anymore, so then we needed to change our name all over again.

Researching and testing 20+ names later we finally stumbled on Prismologie, that is the brand name that came up during the brainstorming sessions with our creative agency and we loved it because it brings together both elements of Colour and light with the Prism and of course -ologie, the scientific approach of actually having active ingredients in each formulation that give you the effect of the colour on your skin, be it calming, or energising or even loving.

And thankfully this name won and passed all the tests and registrations and trademarks, Hurray! The moral of the story is, be original with your approach to naming and always try harder until you find the perfect solution to your problem!