Meridians, in Chinese Traditional Medicine, are pathways in the body that energy flows through. Each meridian has a profound effect on our body, mind and mood.

Prismologie developed these Meridian Balms to enhance the flow of positive energy in the body and positively affect our moods because a healthy body is definitely linked to a healthier mind and mood.  Each Meridian Balm is enriched with a collection of natural active ingredients that help the flow of energy in the body, improve the appearance of the skin, and enhance the mood with the help Gemstones and Precious Metals.


Sheikha Intisar and Sheikha Fatima have been receiving acupuncture treatment to relieve stress and tensions from their bodies for years by their Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor. And they noticed that after acupuncture needles unblocked their meridians, they suddenly felt better and the angst, or tiredness lifted almost instantly. While developing the Meridian Balms, their doctor could feel the energy in their bodies and meridians flowing better after applying the balm during massage.

Daily use?

Prismologie Meridian Balms can be used daily to activate your body in the morning or to relax you to bed in the evening and of course any time in between.

How to use the balms?

The founders worked with David Peters, an award-winning practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine based in London to develop rituals using the Meridian Balms to help the energies flow according to the mood and colour you need. With his extensive understanding and training in both Eastern and Western disciplines, David is able to bridge the gap. He created easy to use rituals of tracing the balms along specific lines in the body to enhance the flow of energy and blood and enhance the mood.


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