Citrine & Bergamot Bodycare

Feel happiness and joy spread through you as your senses come alive with the fresh scent of bergamot and the energising sparkle of citrine found in this uplifting collection. One of the key ingredients in this collection, Citrine is renowned as a stone of positivity and optimism, delivering radiant energy in its amber hue. We have fused its power with the sophisticated scent of bergamot to create an opulent collection of bath and bodycare products that promise to re-energise and refresh your body and mind. Packaged in vibrant yellow and designed to look bold and beautiful on your dressing table or bathroom shelf, our Energising Meridian Balm, Shower Gel and Body Lotion also boast powerful plant actives and botanical extracts to deliver glowing skin that radiates vitality and health. Indulge in this uplifting bath and bodycare collection to awaken and enliven the senses, leaving you feeling re-energised and revitalised.