Calming and Rebalancing

Press pause and allow our calming skincare to soothe your skin and quieten your spirit and mind, helping you to unlock a sense of peace and serenity within. Through an intelligent blend of opulent ingredients, you’ll say goodbye to any stress and tension you feel as our deeply relaxing bath and bodycare products encourage you to unwind. Fabulously fragrant with the tranquil scent of oud, our Foot Cream, Massage Candle and Relaxing Meridian Balm are mood-enhancing marvels that use ingredients such as wild indigo and butterfly lavender extract to soothe and relax. So whether you want to relieve the deep-seated tension in your muscles or soothe your tired feet, you’ll feel the stress melt away and find that the chaos has been replaced by calm and stillness. Pamper yourself with our calming bath and beauty products and create your own relaxing wellness retreat.