Edible colour therapy! Prismologie is launching a new line of Beauty Teas to promote health and wellness from the inside out. With bespoke blends of exotic teas, superfoods, rare herbs, flowers and fruits, each Beauty Tea infuses the powers of colour therapy into blends that improve the skin, nourish the body, and enhance the mood.
Sheikha Intisar and Sheikha Fatima AlSabah worked closely with Italian Tea Stylist Francesca Natali to create these first-of-its-kind teas that work on the body, beauty and mind, taking wellness and beverages to a whole new level.
With over 10 years of experience in traditional tea rituals, Francesca’s prestigious clientele boasts of names like Ferragamo, Bulgari and Henri Chenot.

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Prismologie Beauty Teas taste as good as they feel. Each cup opens your senses to a soothing medley of warm and fragrant flavours; a tea journey that starts by engaging you with its scents and tastes, continuing on to make your body feel energized, invigorated or relaxed depending on the colour you choose and finally leaving you looking as youthful as you feel.

Colour therapy in tea?
Colours have a profound effect on us. Each colour affects us in a different way, Red activates us, Indigo relaxes us, Green restores, Pink makes us happy, Yellow energises and White purifies.
Each Beauty Tea contains ingredients that achieve these properties on a physical level. For Example, the Purifying Beauty Tea contains Orange Blossoms to tone the skin, Organic Jasmine Silver Needle to counter free radicals and Organic Moringa Leaves to detoxify the body and improve the mood. All of these properties reflect the purifying effects of the colour White.

Mood and Taste
Happy taste buds make a happy person! Our moods change depending on what we are thinking, seeing, feeling and in most cases drinking. When we enjoy the taste of something we are drinking, we feel different. When medication or herbal concoctions taste bad we avoid them or try our best to mask that taste, Prismologie Beauty Teas were blended with our taste buds in mind, we created Beauty Teas that not only nourish your
body and beauty, but they also taste fantastic! We focused especially on the flavours and the aromas of the teas to make sure that when you are sipping a cup of Prismologie Beauty Tea you enjoy the experience fully!

You are what you Drink.

At Prismologie, we look at wellbeing from a holistic point of view, it is wellness of the body, mind and mood. When developing the Beauty Teas, we wanted to tackle not only nutrition and internal body wellness, but also beauty and complexion. Each tea contains ingredients that nourish the skin, some of the ingredients strengthen the hair and nails as well as the body internally and of course the mind and mood. We want people to drink a cup of tea and feel great, but we also want them to drink a cup of tea and look better!

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